Facebook Pixel Canon to Drop Its EOS M Lineup in Favor of Crop-Sensor EOS R Cameras

Canon to Drop Its EOS M Lineup in Favor of Crop-Sensor EOS R Cameras

Canon to drop its EOS M lineup

Thống kê xổ sốBad news for Canon EOS M fans: 

Thống kê xổ sốThe Canon EOS M lineup, which includes popular models such as the and the , may soon be no more.

Thống kê xổ sốThis comes from , which reports that “two sources…suggested that 2021 will be the last year of the EOS M lineup.” 

Over the better part of the last decade, Canon has developed two mirrorless cameraThống kê xổ số lines: 

Thống kê xổ sốThe dedicated APS-C EOS M series, and the full-frame EOS R series. 

But while sibling APS-C and full-frame cameras are nothing new, the EF-M mount is incompatible with the RF mount, forcing Canon to produce two independent sets of lenses. And as the EOS R series continues to soar in popularity, it seems that Canon has decided to throw all of its resources into expanding the RF-mount cameras and lenses while leaving the EOS M lineup behind.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Canon will stop selling its EOS M models; the EOS M50 Mark II was only announced this past fallThống kê xổ số, and EOS M cameras are, by all accounts, performing well. But I wouldn’t hold out hope for any additional EOS M cameras or lenses. According to Canon Rumors, “the was a ‘stop-gap for a couple of future RF-mount APS-C cameras’” – which implies that the M50 Mark II will be the last of the EOS M cameras, and that Canon will try to channel its APS-C demand into new RF-mount models.

Rumors of an APS-C EOS R7 have abounded for months now, but the crop-sensor RF-mount models discussed by Canon Rumors are likely entirely different, catering to beginner photographers, walkaround shooters, and vloggers. Canon Rumors also reports that “there will not be RF-S lenses for APS-C EOS R cameras.” Instead, “future lens design will ‘fill the void of no dedicated APS-C lenses.’”

In other words, you can expect a handful of full-frame lenses that will also appeal to APS-C shooters – in the form of lightweight, kit RF lenses – rather than lenses designed solely for APS-C R bodies.

Thống kê xổ sốPersonally, I welcome this move away from the EOS M series, as it gives APS-C shooters the opportunity to work with higher-end RF glass while allowing Canon to focus its resources on a single camera lineup. But I can also understand the frustration that EOS M users will undoubtedly feel as Canon lets a successful camera series fade away.

Now over to you:

What are your thoughts about the end of the EOS M lineup? Are you happy? Frustrated? Worried? Do you think Canon will end production of its EOS M cameras anytime soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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