Facebook Pixel Weekly Photo Challenge – Old

Weekly Photo Challenge – Old

Thống kê xổ sốThe theme this week was going to be ‘Cold’ but then I thought of all the people in snow&ice I’ve seen online this week and thought no, they’re likely quite done with ‘cold’ and then I realised I’d missed the C and thought I’d stick with ‘Old’ An old scene, an old object like some of my tools, below, or an old person’s portrait even? (And if any of you young people find and post a photo of me, there’s gonna be trouble haha!)

This Week Your Challenge Theme is #dPSOld

Weekly Photo Challenge – Old

With the theme #dPSOld some things you can think about when you’re taking your photos are:

  1. Detail – showing details, lines, cracks, wear.
  2. Story – work at telling a story with your image.
  3. Nothing old? Consider working on your image in post and going for ‘vintage’ look? (Here are some examples)

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Thống kê xổ sốOld tools or old cars, they have to be two of my favourite ‘old’ things to photograph! What can you find in your neighbourhood or in your house that you can photograph for this week’s challenge!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Old
That time in Cuba –

You can upload your photo here (comments down below) or over in our 

Share them on  or  and use the hashtag #dPSMirror so we can see them!

Great! Where do I upload my photos?

Simply upload your shot into the comments field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, if you’d prefer, upload them to your favourite photo-sharing site and leave the link to them.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Looking Up

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